Oyster Mortality Report France 2017

Update from Ifremer bulletin dated 28/08/17:

The average cumulative mortality rate for seed oysters in France is 63.7% on a national level with high regional fluctuation. This is 1 points higher than the previous month (see previous post) and also 2.1 points higher than the same bulletin last year: Last year’s 25/08/2016 bulletin recorded 61.6% as the national cumulative average.

Juvenile and adult oysters are reported as having much lower mortality rates (5.6% and 5.2% respectively) although higher than the previous bulletin (see previous).  However this remains inferior than juvenile and adult mortality rates for the same period in 2016 (11% and 6.1% respectively on 25/08/2016 bulletin).

Overall therefore according to the Ifremer monitoring programme up to end of August, seed mortalities are a little above 2016 levels where as juvenile and adult mortality rates are below last year’s levels.

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